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NI Massive X plugin

NI's best synth Massive X. New great Wavetable synth from 2019 NI's best synth Massive X. New great Wavetable synth from 2019

best synthesizer 2019?

The latest software VSTi plugin from NI. An instrument build on the ideas from the old version from 2007 just better. More of everything and this can make a huge sound.

The old Massive extended into a new modern synth for 2019 and year to come.

Time will tell if it gets the huge success of the Massive Plugin that has been around since 2007(for ages)

Massive X



  • 2 noise generators with lots of noise wavetables
  • Capable of producing a new sound
    • Excellent for sound design
  • Lots of modulation features
  • The AVX integration saves CPU
  • Reasonable CPU usage
  • Great effects
  • Extensive modulation
  • New better effects section
  • Can do analog sounds


  • Requires an AVX compatible CPU
  • Envelopes GUI is static and not showing the actual envelopes
  • No custom wavetables like Serum
  • Not as easy to learn as other synths
  • No stand-alone VST Plugin

This synth is good for lots of electronic productions and genres.

Its competitors are among others probably Arturia Pigments and Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.
It has some unique features compared to synthesizers it competes with.NI 

Massive X presets

This is not a beginner's plugin when it comes to programming but check out our presets here.



No products availabe at the moment.

We are propably working on some.