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NEW sounds for your favorite synthesizerS
Real Life Production Sounds for your music and sound design

16 Sounds

Sounds, Plugin Presets and Sample Libraries


Massive presets and free sounds

Massive Preset Packages

New Massive presets.
Sounds and packages for Native Instruments Massive.

Massive X

Massive X presets

Native Instruments Massive X products

New presets for massive X synths


Prophet V3

Arturia Prophet V3 - Synth bass and Pads

Prophet V3 presets from 16 Sounds

The presets are for Prophet V3 and not the legacy plugin versions.

Iris 2

Iris 2 presets - sound design and moving pads

Iris 2 presets

Presets for Izotope Iris 2 synth

Serum plugin

Serum Presets

Serum presets

High quality Serum presets for Serum Synth.

Free demos

Free sounds - free presets and demos

 Free demo presets that shows some of the content of the full package versions

Real Life MUSIC Production Sounds

Plugin Presets, Expansions and Sample Libraries

Plugin presets and sample libraries for music production and sound design.

Get new plugin presets for you favorite synthesizers. Look out for new packages- and presets discounts.

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