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Synth VST Plugins

Synth VST Plugins

Here is a list of Synth VST Plugins we support

This page contains some of the best VSTi plugins there is


Xfer Records Serum plugin VSTi synthesizer

Serum plugin is a supreme Software Wavetable Synth made by Xfer Records.
Known for its High-quality wavetables and creative workflow. Serum presets

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Massive X

NI Massive X synthesizer VSTI plugin

NI Massive X is the latest synthesizer from Native Instruments. It was released in June 2019.

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Arturia pigments vsti plugin presets and patches

Pigments is Arturia's latest probably best synthesizer released in 2018.
It is a great and unique synthesizer. Check out our synth presets.

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Native Instruments Massive synth VST plugin

Massive is one of the most successful synthesizers released in 2007. 
It has been a classic since the release. Check out our synth patches for this synthesizer.

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Omnisphere 2

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 presets

Omnisphere is a powerful synthesizer with 4 layers per patch with 500 wavetables and granular synthesis. One of the most powerful synthesizers and it is even very CPU efficient. 

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Padshop 2

Steinberg Padshop 2 - pads and sound design

Padshop 2 the new granular and spectral synthesis synthesizer from Steinberg for sound design and synth pads

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16 sounds Products for any plugins

Generic products for all plugins. Formats are specified in the products.

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Kontakt 5

Native Instruments Kontakt 5

Kontakt 5 is a large format sampler instrument. Kontakt 5 has become the industry standard for delivering sampled content, free or paid.

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Jupiter 8

Arturia Jupiter 8 classic synth

Arturia Jupiter 8 is a recreation of the famous Roland synthesizer.
Easy to program and sounds like the 80´s.

Jupiter 8 is famous for its impact on music in the 80´s.

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Arturia CS-80 Blade Runner synth

The blade runner synth

Arturia CS-80 is a faithful version of the old Yamaha Blade Runner synthesizer from 1976.

It can do excellent brass and pad sounds.

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Analog synth - Minimoog plugin model D synthesizer

Mini V3 is one of the better MiniMoog Model D emulations. It sounds nice and analog.

Arturias Mini V3 Minimoog emulation has low CPU usage but still sounds good.


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Halion 6

Steinberg Halion 6 Sampler Presets and Patches

Halion 6 is Steinberg's sampler designed to compete with Native Instruments Kontakt sampler.

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Artirua V Collection Prophet vintage synth

An Arturia version of the famous Prophet 5 synthesizer from Sequential Circuit.

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Retrologue 2

Retrologue 2 Analog Synth presets and patches

Steinberg's virtual analog emulation synthesizer. It has a look and feel of an old analog synthesizer.
It sounds nice and has good modulation features.

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Steinberg Padshop granular synthesis pad synth

Steinberg's Granular synthesizer.
Padshop is great for large pads for music production and sound design.
The Pro version offers use of custom samples.

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Groove Agent

Groove Agent drum machine for beat making drum plugin

Groove Agent is Steinbergs drum machine plugin. It is a cell/pad based beat making drum machine made for beat making and drum programming.

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Reaktor 6

Reaktor instrument and effects builder

Reaktor 6 is Native Instruments custom synth builder plugin. Reaktor is a leading plugin for building and using custom build systnesizers. Version 6 has a new genius modular system.

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Native Instruments FM8 - FM synth presets

FM8 is Native instruments version of an FM synth. like the famous Yamaha DX7 but easier to program. Check out or plugin patches.

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Iris 2

Iris 2 sound design plugin - Iris 2 presets - synth pads

Iris 2 pads synthesizer. A sample-based synthesizer with spectral filtering and flexible modulation.

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Battery 4

Beat making with Battery 4 drum machine

Battery is a great drum sampler for making beats and drums. Probably the most popular drum sampler on the market.

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Stylus RMX

Stylus RMX presets for drums. Beat making plugin

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX is a unique real-time Drum Grooves plugin. A beatmaker plugin with its unique tempo independent grooves. 


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D-50 Hardware Synth

Roland D50 hardware synthesizer

Roland D50 original Hardware synth produced from 1987 to 1990. Free patches in sysx format for dumping to your Roland D-50.

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Synth plugins and plugin presets
Synth VST plugins and plugin presets