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Free sounds. VST plugins. Massive, Prohpet, Serum presets

Free sounds. VST plugins. Massive, Prohpet, Serum presets

Free presets for your VST plugins

Free sounds and free presets for your favorite synthesizerFree presets for your favorite VST plugins

free presets

Here you find our free demos of the larger presets/patches packs. All packages on this page contains free preset but a limited amount of presets from the full packages. The presets in the free packages are the exact ones from the full preset packages. Check out the free presets before you buy packages.

Massive, Prophet and Serum presets

We are always working on new free demos for an extensive range of synthesizers from Native Instruments, Xfer Records, Arturia, and Spectrasonics.

Get free presets for your favorite vst plugins

  • Xfer Serum presets
    • A Serum Psytrance demo made by Mark Gray
  • Native Instruments Massive Basses demo
    • Basses for electronic music from old and analog to Picked P basses and digital beasts.
  • Arturia Prophet Unison Basses demo
    • Build on the rather unique unison mode that this synth is famous for. Fatness that is hard to get anywhere else.


The packages contain a Windows Installer and a zip file with identical presets/patches.

  • Windows users
    • Download the Windows Installer or the Zip file. the Windows Installer will install presets in the default user presets position for the synthesizer they are made for.
  • Mac users
    • Download the zip file and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file.