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Free presets and patches

The free sounds, presets, and patches for all our plugin software products. Easy to install with a Windows Installer or zip file with identical presets. Check out Massive, Prophet, and Serum presets demos before you buy.

Managing plugin user presets location

Managing plugin user libraries and directories for your instruments. Find the preset folder and content location for your synths. Where should you save presets for your favorite synthesizers? Omnisphere, Serum, Massive and Arturia presets

16 Sounds

VST Plugin presets, sound-banks, and sample libraries for music production and sound design. Sounds and patches for software instruments.


VST Plugins and synth presets for your favorite instruments-, Pigments, Omnisphere, and Massiv X. Renew your instruments with free killer presets and sounds for your favorite plugins.


Synth VST Plugins. We offer presets for some of the best plugin instruments(VSTi) from Izotope, Arturia, Spectrasonics, Steinberg.

How to build a pc for music production

How to build a PC for music production and making beats. Where you start and what does it take. Best music production software.

Synthesizer design and programming lingo

An overview of analog and digital synthesizer design and how to program them. Synthesis is a synthesis method where oscillators generate waveforms and then filter out frequencies over time. VCO/DCO and filter VCF

Synthesizers plugins and cpu usage

Synthesizers VSTi plugins and VST plugins CPU usage. What is latency and CPU usage? How to record real-time with latency-free plugins in your favorite DAW.

Massive X synthesizer is out

Massive X is the latest synthesizer from Native Instrumnts. It is a modern synthesizer with lots of modulation capabilities and steps up from the old Massive synth.

Massive is still alive

NI Massive is still alive? A new Massive X has been released but what about the old tried and tested Massive. Is it dead or alive?

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