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Synth VST Plugins. We offer presets for some of the best plugin instruments(VSTi) from Izotope, Arturia, Spectrasonics, Steinberg.

Synthesizers plugins and cpu usage

Synthesizers VSTi plugins and VST plugins CPU usage. What is latency and CPU usage? How to record real-time with latency-free plugins in your favorite DAW.

Top Free VST Plugins 2020

The best free VST plugins available in 2020. This article is about free high-quality plugins for music production in any genre. Valhalla supermassive, Saturation and Voxengo Span

Zero latency plugins

Composing and working with zero latency plugins. An article about plugins and latency and how it affects your workflow. Cubase latency and waves latency chart.

Best EQ VST plugins

What EQ VST plugins are good and for what. An article about equalizers and filters. A look at 16 different eqs from SSL, Waves Audio, Izotope inc, IK Multimedia and Cubase

Audio compressors

Music compression. What are the best VST plugins for mixing? An article about audio compressors, designs, and difference. Compressing Vocals, bass, drums, busses, and master-channel.

9 good chorus plugins

An article about Chorus effects. What is it and how to use it. 9 best chorus plugins for your DAW. Free and paid like TAL Chours LX, EchoBoy, Valhalla, Audio Damage Quatromod.

Best delay plugins

What is the best delay plugins right now and how to use them? A review and comparison of some great VST delays. Valhalla Delay, Colour Copy and H-Delay


VST Plugins and synth presets for your favorite instruments-, Pigments, Omnisphere, and Massiv X. Renew your instruments with free killer presets and sounds for your favorite plugins.

Free presets and patches

The free sounds, presets, and patches for all our plugin software products. Easy to install with a Windows Installer or zip file with identical presets. Check out Massive, Prophet, and Serum presets demos before you buy.

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