Massive X synthesizer is out

Massive X synthesizer is out
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Massive X synthesizer has been released in Juni 2019

Massive X is the latest synthesizer from Native Instruments. It is a mordern synthesizer with lots of modulation capabilities and more of everything.

New CPU requirements
Massive X requires an AVX compatible CPU, which counts for CPUs from 2011 and on.

The use of AVX seems to strain the cpu less than other new synths. Massive X has good cpu usage for a mordern synthesizer.

The Factory sounds

The factory sounds shows some of what it can do but it has potentiale for much more complex sounds for music production and sound design. 

Is it worth a license?

If you have Komplete 12 you got it as part of it and it you do not it will propably be on sale sometimes.
It sounds good and has a lot more complex sonic capabilites compared to the old Massive.

It should propably compete with Arturia Pigments and other newer synthesizers on the marked.




  • The AVX requirement makes it cpu efficient.




  • The AVX requirement can be a problem for some potentiel users.
  • You can not load your own wavetables like Serum and Omnisphere.