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Massive is still alive

Massive is still alive
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16 sounds synth presetsMassive Synth from 2007 is still alive.

Has the release of Massive X killed the old Massive synth?

NI Massive is probably one of the most used software synthesizers over time. Time will tell if Massive X is getting the same icon status as a marked leading synthesizer but Massive is still alive. Massive X will probably not get the same marked share and the competition is harder today with 10+ times more synths to choose from.

Sound quality

The synth can still do detailed sounds that has a vibe with its wavetables, envelops and LFOs.
CPU usage is reasonable and it closest competitors are probably Serum and perhaps Spire.


  • The 8 Macros and modulation capabilities
  • Visible envelops that actually show it and not like Massive X´s analog synth approach with no visible envelops
  • Easy GUI and easy to program
  • Good at Bass and Pad sounds
  • Reasonable CPU usage, even with unison at 2 or more
  • Lots of 3. party Massive presets


  • It is 12 years old
  • Limited wavetables
  • Grainy reverb effects

Massive presets

If you own this synth do not throw it away! Check out our Massive presets

Listen to Retro Vibes demo tracks
All demo Tracks are made with our preset package "Retro Vibes" for the Native Instruments Massive Synth.

Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes

Virtual Analog synth presets for real life music production.
Massive presets with sounds from the 70´s and 80´s.
Listen to the audio demos.