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Retro Vibes M Massive Presets for Synthwave, Retrowave and other retro genres Retro Vibes M Massive Presets for Synthwave, Retrowave and other retro genres

Massive Retro Vibes M


Virtual Analog synth patches for real-life music production.
Massive presets with sounds from the '70s and '80s.
Listen to the audio demos.

This product contains presets for the following plugins:

Vintage Vibe

Native Instruments Massive is still a capable synthesizer for lots of sounds and this expansion package shows its potential for vintage and analog sounds. Great for Synthwave, Retrowave and music from '80s in general.

Massive presets

The Retro Vibes M package is a preset package for Native Instruments Massive synthesizer containing SynthWave presets. It has 80 newly created analog emulation presets for music production and sound design in different genres.

  • SynthWave
  • RetroWave
  • Other genres with sounds from the past


  • 80 Massive patches/presets with custom filters
    • Basses, Pads, and leads
  • Good for sound design
  • Marco controllable effects
  • A PDF file with usage tips. Including using external effects and optimizing for CPU usage.


8 Macros setup for easy editing
All the Massive retro patches have 8 Macros in action

Stereo width and unison spread

Most of the patches have stereo width and unison spread control for making wide sounds with a Reese touch.

Retro Vibes M is using all 8 Macros for dynamic playing and automation. The macros are typically ordered in the same way on most of the presets.

Analog Drift

A lot of the patches have analog drift emulating old analog synthesizers. This gives an analog feel without getting in the way of the sounds and playability.