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Buyers guide to Softsynths

Buyers guide to Softsynths
| @ 16 Sounds music production blog

A guide to some good synthesizers on the market right now

The software synthesizer marked is expanding rapidly in 2019. The CPU speed competition is driving the software marked towards a much better runtime performance and higher audio quality.

2019 synth highlights

These are some important new synthesizers in 2018/2019

  • Pigments from Arturia, a great new synth
  • Massive X from Native Instruments
  • Larger Omnisphere update from Spectrasonics


Old but Classics

Arturia V Colletion is an oldie but it been updated with new plugins and updates of old ones. The arturia plugins share a new common host.

A lot of synthesizers has what it takes to produce professional music productions and sounds design if you program them good.


Synth presets

Check out our products for expansion synth presets for ty favorite synths here.


New synth - Arturia Pigments.

Native Instruments Massive X

Native Instruments Massive X