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Bass Line One - bass bundle with bass presets for Massive Bass Line One - bass bundle with bass presets for Massive
18.00 $14.00

Bass Line One - bass bundle with bass presets


A Bass Package for NI Masssiv

  • 50 great bass patches/presets
  • Basses for different genres
This product contains presets for the following plugins:

Bass prestes bundle for Massive

bass patches for massive primarily for electronic music

A bass bundle with a mix of synth bass and picked bass sounds for differencet genres. Alle prestes uses all 8 Macros for easy editing modulation.

  • 50 Great Bass Patches/Massive Presets
  • Expressive basses
  • Stereo with control from center to very wide
    • This is an option and it is up to you not to over do it 
  • Very playable
    • Dynamic
    • Velocity dependent filtering
  • Old analog synth bass sounds
  • Real Acoustic sounding presets
  • Picked bass sounds
  • Tempo synched basses for groove 
  • All 8 Macros are set for easy editing

Easy Macro control with all 8 macros

  • All presets uses all 8 macros for easy edting of important parameters.
  • All 8 macros setup for easy editing to taste
  • From center to super wide
  • The 8 macros in preset with 2 filters, drive and stereo width

Download formats

  • Zip file with 50 Massive presets
  • Windows installer for easy auto install

Audio Demos

No audio demos.