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Best synthesizers 2019 - pigments 2 vs massive x

New synths 2019 - Two ogf the best synthesizers - Massive x vs Pigments 2
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Two Interesting new software synthesizer from 2019

A quick look at two plugins from 2019. Arturia Pigments and Native Instruments Massive X. Two wavetable synths with an analog synth sound and lots of features. Some of the best synths there is.

Arturia Pigments synth

Pigments is a modern digital analog synth build on Arturias V3 Host system. Compared to Massive X this is an easier synthesizer with a simpler GUI. It has lots of filters like Moog, SEM, and matrix 12 from V Collection plus some new ones.

A dual-engine synthesizer with two filters, an effects section and a sequencer/arpeggiator. A simple design and easy to use.

The effects

There is some build in quality effects like Wavefolder, Compressor, reverb, and delay

Pigments update

Late last year Arturia updated the synth to a V2 with a sample engine featuring a granular synthesis option.

New synths 2019 - Pigments 2 engine typesNew Pigments 2 engine types

The new sample based engine is a great add on to an already great synthesizer.

Pigments 2 sample engine with granular synthesisA very musical instrument. New Synths 2019, best synthesizers with a new sample engine with granular synthesis option


  • Nice and unique GUI
  • Clever modulation
  • This synth can do any kind of sound from deep bass to epic pads


  • The effects system is a little over complicated
  • Can be a bit CPU heavy
What is new in Pigments
  • Sampler engine with multi samples option
    • Includes a granular synthesis part
  • MPE support
  • Improved sequencer

This is a good and versatile synthesizer and worth having. Not a cheap synth but a highligt of the year synthesizer.

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Native Instruments Massive X - wavetable synth

Massive X is also a completely new synth from 2019. A modern version of the old Massive from 2007. A power synth with the features to make modern and vintage sounds.

A more generic synthesizer compared to the old Massive.
The interface is good but like the old Massive not for beginners who want to start programming presets.

Compared to Pigments Massive X is more complicated with a busier GUI but it’s a powerful and well build plugin.


  • In Massive X everything is bigger and extended compared to the old Massive
  • A generically built synthesizer


  • Requires an AVX compatible CPU
  • Can be a bit CPU heavy

New effects in Massive X

This synth has 2 x 3 effects inserts. The groups have different options.

Effects slots A,b, C


New Synth 2019- Massive X A B C Effects
Massive A, B and C slot

Effect A,B and C has 10 effects to choose from

New synth 2019 - Extra Oscillator effectMassive Oscillator effect

OSC is a clever way to add more oscillators to a preset through the effects system.

Affect slot A, B and C can be set to Oscillator to add 3 extra oscillators.

Massive X effect slot C Wave Folder
Massive X slot C with a Wave Folder effect

The wave folder is another interesting effect.

Massive Effects slots X, Y, Z

New synth 2019 - effects X Y Z
X, Y and Z has a list of 9 to choose from.

Massive X Stereo Expander effect
Massive X Stereo Expanader effect

Stereo Expander is a new and was not part of the original Massive synthesizer.
As the name says it widens the stereo by timeshifting the left and right signals. It creates phase issues so beware of overusing it. 

Massive X effects Nonlinear LabNonlinear Lab effect

Nonlinear Lab is a new effect for nonlinear effects like distortion/overdrive. It has a cabinet and amp model probably from the GuitarRig plugin.

Massive X is interesting and ok priced as part of Native Instrument Komplete 12

Arturia Pigments and Native Instruments Massive X are some of the best synthesizers capable of making new and interesting textures and old analog sounds.