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New Arturia Pigments update

Arturia Pigments update - New featurs and bugfixes
| @ 16 Sounds music production blog

Arturia Pigments v top line synthesizer updated

Today a new Pigments 2.0 update was released. An new version of a great modular synth.

What is new in Pigments 2

Pigments V 2..0.1.837 contains new features and some bug fixes.

New features

  • Pigments 2.0 presets are now NKS compatible
  • No more time limit on user samples
  • Add non-voice-stealing poly mode
  • Sample engine crossfade has been improved
  • MPE support has been improved
  • Micro tuning support has been improved
  • Some GUI improvments

Bug fixes

  • Sample loop are now correctly saved
    • Thanks. That was anoying when you had to redo it after saving.
  • Parameter smoothing has been imporoved
    • technically it must be interpolation improvements
  • Samples too quiet are no longer normalized
  • Poly aftertouch is working again
  • Minor bug fixes for function loop
  • Parameter sources are now reset by the sequencer on each start

Arturia Pigments update
Software Center updates with Arturia Pigments 2 update release notes.