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Mixing music with reference tracks

reference tracks
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How to setup and use reference tracks in MIXING.

Using references in mixing can be a good way to get the eq and stereo width and depth right in you mix.

The best ways to do it

Create a folder for your references.

Audio tracks in folder2 Reference tracks in a reference tracks folder

When using mastered references in mixing it is important not to have any processing on the track or output bus.
Send the reference audio track directly to DAW main output or use a separate output from you sound card and switch between your mix and reference on a button on your hardware monitor controller.

Routing reference tracks directly to Cubase main outUnlike the mixing groups, reference track is best routed directly to Cubase output

Using good reference tracks is important but there is a lot of good sounding music you can use.

Some good sounding albums you can use as mix references

  • Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
    • This is an album that has a hugh bottom and nice dynamics, depth and width.


To be continued..