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Arturia Pigments Quick Review

Arturia Pigments Quick Review
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Some quick notes on Pigments

Pigments is Arturias new synth from 2019.
A modern version of a hybrid analog vs wavetable synthesizer with extensive modulation capabilities and great interface.

The interface

The interface is nice. Dark colours and beautifully designed GUI and lots of visible controllers.

Audio Engines

Pigments has 2 audio engines. An analog with 3 standard oscillators and a wavetable engine with morphing.


Pigments has 2 filters with 8 selectable types. 

Filter collection

Some of the filter types are used on their V Collection synths. SEM, Matrix 12 and Mini is recreations of popular analog filters from classic analog synthesizers.



Pigments has 3 LFOs and the state and phase is always visible.




The modulation capabilities are extensive and you can always see a graphical interpretation of the modulator and its phase.

Stand alone
Pigments Stand Alone version.


A capable synth that's does fat basses, lush keys and epic moving pads.
CPU usage can be a bit high but not critical like some of the heavy u-He synthesizers.


  • Wavetable Morphing
  • Easy Modulation system
  • Arturias default host with window resize
  • Functions, Random and Combinate


  • CPU Usage can be high

Pigments presets

Check out our pigments presets