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Arturia Pigments - Function modulators

Arturia Pigments sound design - filter modulation with function 1 to 3 synth modulators
| @ 16 Sounds music production blog

Pigments synth modulators

Pigments is one of the most modular synthesizers on the market. It has a clever GUI design that animates the user to be creative.

Here is a video sample showing the filter mod

Pigments filter modulation with function 2

Pigments sound design - mod video

Pigments has lots of time-based modulators like:

  • 3 Envelopes
  • 3 LFOs
  • 3 Functions
  • 3 Random
    • Turing based on Alan Turing math
    • Sample & Hold
    • Binary
  • 3 Combinate

The modulators make Pigments an ultra modular musical synthesizer.

Function 1 to 3 synth modulator

Pigments Function 1 to 3 are free tempo-synced synth modulators for modulating any parameter in time. Functions are some of the most versatile ways to modulate in time. Like arpeggiators but better. It works like an advanced LFO.

Pigments Function 1 to 3 modulators
Arturia Pigments Function 1 to 3 for LFO mod of any parameter. Tempo synced for synth arpeggiator like sounds without actually using the arpeggiator


Filter modulation

The idea is that you click draw and drag the movements and set the Rate. The function can then be set to modulate, for example, the frequency for arpeggiator like movement.

Pigments filter modulation with function 1Function 1 modulating the frequency


With this technique/sound design method one can build good moving sounds with a perfect swing for basses, strings, and pads.
Advanced grooves can be built with a combination of the 3 function modulators. Synth arpeggiator like sounds without using the built-in arpeggiator.

Side chaining a modulator

Pigments has a unique sidechain feature in the modulators. With this a modulator can be controlled by another modulator or midi controller.

Combined with LFO and the other host synced modulators the control of lots of parameters make Pigments one of the most modular synths on the market.