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Arturia - Digital Synth - Analog Sound

Arturia V collection - Analog synth - Analog Sound
| @ 16 Sounds music production blog

Arturia Analog Synth Collection

Arturia V Collection is by today's stand an old software synth collection. It is constantly evolving with new additions of old vintage synthesizers.

Digital Synths

The analog synth classics are digital software versions and do a decent job of sounding like the original vintage synthesizers.

Analog Sound 

The early versions of V Collection were emulations of old vintage synths like:

  • Minimoog Model D
  • Prophet 5
  • ARP 2600
  • Roland Jupiter 8
  • Modular
  • Yamaha CS-80
    • The Vangelis synth

They were all vintage classics used on countless hits.

Artuira Jupiter 8 VST 3 Host
Artirua Jupiter 8 from V Collection in the newer VST 3 HOST. Digital synths with and analog sound


To be continued...