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Managing plugin preset folder user library directories

Managing plugin preset folder user library directories

Saving 3. party plugin presets for different instrument plugins

Managing plugin user libraries and directories for your instruments. Where should you save 3. party presets for your favorite synthesizers and instruments.

When you install a new plugin instrument a good practice is to have a strategy for new presets. Either use the default strategy or create your own destination.

Here is a list of file management solutions for your synthesizers Preset folders.

User created folders

Here is a sample of 2 different user created folders. Solid naming and arrangement is important.

Sample Library and Preset folders
Sample library folder on disk D

Sample Library and Preset folders 2
Sample library folder on disk E


Arturia V Collection has its presets store in C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\

Arturia V Collection presets folder
V Collection presets are stored together

Pigments presets are then stored in C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\Pigments\

The user folder contains folder for each 3. party preset Bank.

Arturia Pigments preset folders
Pigments preset folders

Izotope Inc

Izotope has one synthesizer named Iris 2.

Iris 2

You can set the library settings from the menu "Options". You can create sub folders under the patch folder and Iris 2 will deep search.

Izotope Iris 2 options library settings
Izotope Iris 2 Library patches folder settings.

Native Instruments plugins

The later Komplete versions has user content in C:\Users\[User]\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\ by default.

You can set your own user directories for 3. party- and your own presets.

The preset folder default paths are listed below:


Massive default library preset folder settings is C:\Users\[User]\Native Instruments\Massive\

You can set you own user libraries in the Massive Database from the Options menu.

Click "Add" to add your selected user folder for your presets and click "Rebuild DB".

Massive Options Database user pathNI Massive User Libraries preset folders


FM8 has its default libraries in C:\Users\[User]\Native Instruments\FM8\
You can create sub folders under the FM8 user folder and FM8 will deep search.

FM8 database user library directoriesNI FM8 User Library Directories default and user defined folder



Omnisphere has a full blown 3. party preset system design for 3. party developers.

Omnisphere preset installationOmnisphere presets installation



Steinberg has a good Library Manager for managing Steinberg libraries.

Steinberg Library Manager for Groove Agent, Halion 6 and PadshopSteinberg Library Manager for managing Steinberg content

The Library Manager manages files for Halion, Groove Agent, Cubase and Padshop.

You can Move libraries by clicking on the Move button. A good strategy is having "Sample Library Content" and "Sample Library Content 2" on different disks and spread the libraries to different folders. You can always see where the library is by clicking "Details".